About Creativity Coaching

Working on a television series or movie set?

You know what the demands of performance skills: a grueling schedule and a stressful environment have on the entertainment industry professional. I help you find healthy and meaningful ways to handle whatever you may face.

In-Between Projects?

You know how easy it is to fall into a rut and become bored or possibly spiral downward during the unsolicited intervals between projects.  I help you find healthy and creative ways to be productive and enjoy you time off.

Away on Location?

    You know how lonely and stressful it can be on location. I can help you find creative and healthy ways to deal with the issues that arise while away from home, family and friends.

Approaching Retirement or Already Retired?

You know how the unknown of what the future will bring, the sense of loss or of being lost can plague you as you approach retiring age or retirement. Together let’s find enjoyable and creative ways to live an inspired life during the transition into retirement and retirement itself.

Aspiring Screenwriter?

You know how unprepared or full of self-doubt you might feel when going in for to pitch for the Hollywood bigwigs? I help you find easy and accessible techniques to channel your anxiety so you can remain focused and centered during their pitch session.

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