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Leilani Squire, based in Los Angeles, brings a rich variety of personal and professional experience to Creativity Coaching. With her lifetime of experience in the theatre, dance, choreography, writing, martial arts, and television production, both as a producer and technician, she coaches Entertainment Industry Professionals to achieve balance and enriching experiences on set or away on location. She also helps the Entertainment Industry Professional create enriched and creative lives as they approach retirement or after retirement and coaches stress management skills with aspiring screenwriters in order to remain centered and focused when pitching to Hollywood producers and executives. Leilani helps veterans tell their stories through prose and poetry. She also coaches the stop-and-start creative to find a consistent and fulfilling creative life.

After a 30-year performing career, Leilani turned her creative attention to writing. Her poetry and short shorts have been published in The Sun, Gentle Strength Quarterly, The Taylor Trust and Eclipse. She has been a featured poet in the Los Angeles area and a facilitator at Beyond Baroque in Venice. Her second screenplay was optioned for its edgy subject matter. She has been a juror for The HUMANITAS Prize since 1999. She facilitates a creative writing workshop for veterans at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration. One of her students placed 2nd nationally in the Personal Experience, Patriotic category for the 2011 Department of Veterans Affairs National Veterans Creative Arts Festival. Her student gave her his silver medal, which is one of the highest honors she has ever received.

Leilani is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach and member of the Creativity Coaching Association. She has been trained  in the new profession of creativity coaching with Eric Maisel, Beverly R. Down, Lisa Riley and Sharon Good. She has also completed Eric Maisel’s course in Natural Psychology, a new psychology and philosophy of meaning. Leilani doesn’t have a lot of letters after her name but because she has lived a life in the arts she understands the imaginative and the discursive processes and what it takes to survive a creative life in the arts with balance and hope.

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