BENEFITS of Creativity Coaching with Leilani
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  1. Develop focus and clarity in order to reveal and unearth their truest dreams and desires

  1. Develop courage, confidence and determination to go after their goals

  1. Learn how to set goals and actions steps to create a balanced and inspired lifestyle

  1. Learn how to show up

  1. Learn how to complete

  1. Transform negativity, frustration, resentment, blame and hurt into positive and affirming thoughts and action

  1. Learn how to maintain a creative, balanced and healthy lifestyle while away on location

  1. Maintain a sense of balance in daily life, with good diet, rest and exercise while working on a television series or movie set

  1. Break through creative blocks

  1. Learn tools to overcome creative or professional anxiety

  1. Avoid depression in-between projects by “doing” instead of “doing nothing”

• When approaching retirement, create “a dream map of possibilities”

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Benefits of Creativity Coaching

benefits of creativity coaching

Creativity Coaching Benefits