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Success Stories

“My desire to write has been a constant in my life since high school, dabbling a bit here and there! When I discovered Creativity Coach Leilani Squire, my passion became reality.  I've been working with Ms. Squire for over a year now in composing my memoirs and stories of interest to me as events occurring in my life worthy of putting on paper surface. 

 I have learned the importance/value of creating a specific writing space, date, and time to write, the determination to follow-through and write even in difficult times. I have begun speaking out-volunteering to others that I am a writer! A year ago I would never have done that.

 My “Appointment with Peggy” allows me to appreciate how valuable my time is to me, just as important as any other appointment.  I consciously make myself keep my appointments, no matter what tries to interfere. I am learning that "When we show up and manifest our potential, we make ourselves proud. When we manifest our potential and make ourselves proud – this is one of the most important things we can do!!"

 My writing has become more important to me because I am actually doing it - writing - not just thinking or talking about it.  And, speaking out is a definite confidence builder; the fact that I have begun to speak out obviously means I am more confident about my writing. Leilani reinforces and supports my work; she's direct; her poignant questions compel me to delve deeply into my own thoughts about the words I've written and why – to search for a deeper-true meaning about what I'm writing.”

  Peggy Johnson

Writer  and Paralegal

"I wasn't sure what a creative coach was and how it would help me until I began working with Leilani. She has helped me see what I want and how to achieve it. She has helped me learn how to focus on my goals and to see how I can reach them. I now have insight on certain things I didn't realize were important to look at and this in turn has helped me simplify my thoughts and narrow down what it is I need to do next to achieve my goals and to be successful. Thanks Leilani!"

                                             Amanda Abizaid


sucess stories

“Leilani is persistent enough to initiate motivation, but also mutable, accommodating your needs on a personal level.  I was going through a career meltdown and she actually listened to me so I could work through what I needed to move on and up.  She is timely and has been instrumental in my self-motivation, taking me step by step to extract what I needed professionally to become organized, market myself as an independent contractor and become more confident.  I now have a website, a promotional flyer, a photographic business card, a hit list and an outline for a business plan.  Normally, I would have procrastinated all of this if it hadn't been for Leilani as my creativity coach.”

Laura Calcaterrra

Makeup Artist and Photographer

“I am a graphic designer, visual artist and writer, and I had several creative projects on my agenda. For some time I had been suffering from a kind of creative paralysis that kept me from making any progress on any of them. Leilani helped me to dig down into the reasons why this was happening, evaluate the situation and find ways to move forward. The tasks we would set for each session provided me with incentive to get things done and pretty soon I found myself crossing off lots of items on my creative "to do" list.  I am immensely grateful for her help and expertise in gently guiding me toward my goals.”

                                        Dallas Dorsett Mathers 

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